Belgrade Cultural Association

Artist - Agent contract

Ambassador of Australia

Terms of participation:

*   A Visual Artist, the representative of her/his country;

*   10 artworks;

*   Maximum sizes:

    - 5 paintings 100x145cm (40x58in);

    - 5 paintings     60x80cm (23x31in);

*  Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Digital Art,         Artistic Photography.

Particiants at the Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021 will be artists from around the World as representatives of Art from their Country. One Country, one Artist! Join them and send the completed Application form, down below, on:

and we will contact you.

Deadline for the Countries who are not selected yet is April 30th, 2021


Belgrade Cultural Association reserves the right to change the schedule of Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021.

Welcome to Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021

*  Until now, the Commission of the Belgrade Cultural Association chose artists for Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021 from the following countries:

North America:

*   Canada

Latin America:

*   Cuba

*   Brazil

*   Mexico


*   Algeria


*   South Korea

*   Nepal


*   Austria

*   Greece

*   Ireland

*   Scotland

*   Serbia



Biennale 2021

Belgrade, Serbia & Podgorica, Montenegro

June 10th-18th, 2021


*        June 10th:

Arrival of artists. Representatives of Belgrade Cultural Association will wait you on Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla”. If you need any framing of your paintings you should come at June 9th;

*        June 11th:

Posting the artworks;

*        June 12th:

Press conference 5pm - Grand opening of Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021 at 7pm;

*        June 13th:

Tourist visit of Belgrade;

*        June 14th:

Reception of artists by officials of City of Belgrade;

*        June 15th:

Travel to see frescoes from 12th Century, Byzantine painting school, to Monastery of Zica, Monastery of Mileševa and Monastery of Studenica UNESCO World Heritage Site;

*        June 16th:

Grand opening of the Adriatic part of the Biennale. Reception of artists by the Minister of Culture of Montenegro;

Adriatic Sea, free day;

*        June 17th:

TV reportage about Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021, all artist should prepare some short text about him/herself. Awards & Certificates for Artists on Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021. Closing of Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale 2021;

*        June 18th:



Ambassador & Artist from Korea

*  Belgrade Cultural Association will nominate Artists for prestigious awards:


* BEST PRESENTATION of the artist at the exhibition;

* BEST ARTWORK by the audience's choice.

The Commission for the awards will be 3 curators, one from Scotland and two from Serbia.


Artists became friends

Belgrade-Aderiatic Biennale 2021 is the Greatest Art Exhibition in South-East Europe. Major cultural event in Belgrade, the Capital City of Serbia, covered by TV, Press and always by the big influence on Cultural exchange between artists from all around the World. Artists from Europe, America, Australia, Asia & South Africa were present at previous Biennials. Second Grand opening is in Podgorica, Montenegro. Join them in effort to develop cultural exchange between your Country and the rest of the World. On this Biennale all artists will get Artist Certificate & Certificates for all Artworks. Also, on this Biennale 2021, first time, will public competition for Artist of the Year!

Let's see what Mr. Gary Jason, from Hollywood, California, thinks about Belgrade Biennale, during his participation on previous Biennale:

Ambassador of Argentina