Belgrade Cultural Association

After a few day we went  on a trip trough Serbia and visited Zica Monastery & Studenica Monastery. Byzantine architecture is fascinated our guests, and we stayed all day. They were admirers of the great cultural treasures of medieval Serbia

During the stay of our guests we took them to visit Montenegro and Dubrovnik. Travel trough Montenegro was amazing! We saw second deepest canyon in the World / Canyon on the river Tara. Next day we was on the Adriatic Coast an we saw Dubrovnik. Third day when we coming back trough Montenegro we visited Moraca Monastery, too.

1700 Years of Milan's Edict

2013 was the Year of Milan's Edict in Serbia, because emperor Constantine was born on the territory of Serbia in the City of Nis . In 2013 there were many events and conferences on the subject, but one of the most significant was organized by Belgrade Cultural Association with the presence of Byzantologist from Argentina, Peru and France.