Belgrade Cultural Association

Declaration about province of Kosovo

as an integral part of the Republic of Serbia 

Cultural Heritage of the Serbian people on the

territory of Kosovo, legal issues

Letters of Recommendation

from European Parliament

Letters of Recommendation

from Parrocchia dei Santi Carlo e Giuseppe

di Marzabotto Chiesa Cattolica di Bologna - Italia

Company Profile

Belgrade Cultural Association:

Founded 2005

Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board:   Milinko Jelovac

Deputy Chairman:            Božidar Živković

Program Director :           Katarina Singidunum

Legal Consultant:             Miodrag Stevic

Curator:                             Dobrivoje Lazarević

Certifications:                   APR  BU 598/2014

Area of expertise:             Culture

Documents & Letters of Recommendation

Registration documents

Belgrade Cultural Association is a nonprofit organization that aims to connect artist, scientists and all other who are interested in the promotion of culture and cultural exchange. 

We have more than 1100 members in Serbia, and about 500 members from all around the World.


Also, our goal is promotion of Serbian medieval culture and cultural achievements of Belgrade as a capital of Serbia. That's why we organize tours in Serbia, Montenegro & Macedonia so our guests get better understanding of cultural tradition of Serbian people. 

Belgrade Cultural Association