Belgrade Cultural Association

In accordance with the Labor Law of the Republic of Serbia:

- Article 2, Paragraph 1

the Belgrade Cultural Association announces a job vacancy.

- Artists;

- Cultural workers;

- Art historians

can apply for the competition.

The job is fixed-term for 2 (two) years, with the possibility of extending the contract.

Job position is Art Consultant.

The deadline for submitting an application is September 21st, 2023.

Tasks are:

-    Assessment of works of art;

-  Monitoring the development of cultural events in the City of Belgrade and beyond;

- Arranging galleries, theater halls and conference halls;

-   Secretary during the filming of a feature film and a documentary film. Organizer of the casting for a feature film.

- Communication with artists from all around the World;

- Keeping statistics.

To apply, you need:

- Fill out the form that you can find here:

- Candidate's CV;

- Copy of the Candidate's passport.

Send it to:

The Commission of the Belgrade Cultural Association will announce the results of the contest no later than 7 days after the end of the contest.

We await your applications.

Theater festival,

Kerch, Russia

Auction of the artworks, Merced, Califonia

Application for job

in the BCA

Recording of a feature- documentary program for the National television of Serbia