Belgrade Art Salon had Video presentation of all artists and it was covered by TV, press and media during all four openings.

GRAND OPENING June 1st 2024, with Coctail, we had a real party!

A huge number of guests from Belgrade and Serbia came just to see masterpieces of artists from all around the World and to meet artists in personal and talk with them!

Some visitors come even from other countries!

"In front of the Belgrade Cultural Association I wish you success in your Art." Milinko Jelovac, Chairman of the Board


A Ceremonial closing of Belgrade Art Salon, June 5th 2024, with giving awards and certificates.

This year, 2024, we had very successful exhibition with Four grand openings in four different galleries in Belgrade. 

Artists from Europe, North America, South America & Asia were present at this Art Salon.
During six days of Belgrade Art Salon, audience was in possibility to see artworks of 15 artists from different countries: USA, Russia, China, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Israel, Georgia and Serbia.

Belgrade Biennale: artists from USA, Russia, China, France, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Serbia,Montenegro

Gallerist with a friends!

Belgrade Art Salon is traditional international Art Exhibition. It is the greatest international exhibition in South-East Europe.

The aim of this exhibition is to collect artists from all around the world, to show their artworks and exchange art information.

Belgrade Art Salon 2024

Belgrade, Serbia - May 31st-June 5th, 2024

First, TV OPENING, June 1st 2023 was in Center of Culture Vlada Divljan in Belgrade.

Newspaper "Politika", Belgrade, Serbia

The international exhibition Belgrade Art Salon 2024 was opened in front of a large audience in the Cultural Center gallery in Belgrade The exhibition was opened by Milinko Jelovac, President of the Board of Directors of the Belgrade Cultural Association:

- "The goal of the Art Salon is the exchange of artistic information and getting to know artists from all over the World. Not only our introduction to artists from abroad, but also their introduction to our art, architecture and the Capital. Our guests were delighted with what they could see at the Biennale and in Belgrade in general".

Artical in POLITIKA newspaper.

Interwiev of the artists.

DIPLOMATIC OPENING, May 31st 2024 in Cultural center, connected ambassadors of countries from which artists of Biennale came from and representatives of Government of Republic of Serbia and Government of City of Belgrade, as well.

Artists together after First opening

Interview for the National TV of Serbia

Belgrade Cultural Association