Belgrade Cultural Association

When Don Gianluca Busi went back to Italy he send us Letters of Recomendation.

After that we went back to Belgrade and our guest visited Fresco Gallery, Ethnographic Museum, Military Museum, etc.

Third day on the road we went to the Moraca Monastery, deep in the hills, and met one very vise monk?!

Next day we went to the sea side, of course there was some Ethno restaurants on the road!

During the seven days visit we went to the south and visit Mileseva Monastery.

After the meeting our guest visited the crypt of Saint Sava Basilica and gave a high opinion of the quality of construction and fresco writing .

Italian iconographer and a priest Don Gianluca Busi came, in December 2013, to official visit to Saint Sava Basilica in Belgrade.

Also he visited Mileseva Monastery in Serbia & Moraca Monastery in Montenegro.