Belgrade Cultural Association

"Nude on the beach"

USD 10.000 

"Sound of the Galaxy"

USD 7.000 

Jonathan Shih,

Artist Painter, Republic of China




Born in Nanjing in 1948

MBA, St John's University, New York, 1979

1979-1989 Bankers Trust and First Interstate VP

1989-2000 Knight Ridder Taiwan , CEO

2002 oil painting classes at Langara Art Academy , Vancouver, Canada

2003 Nanjing Museum Oil Painting Exhibition

2012-2016Taipei Social Education Museum Heart Hope Western Painting Group Exhibition

Taipei Cultural Bureau Oil Painting Group Exhibition

Taipei Labor Bureau Oil Painting Group Exhibition

In 2013,  served as an art teacher at Xizhi Community University, Taipei County

In 2015,  served as an art teacher in the Promotion Department of Taipei Cultural University

In 2017, won the award of the image painting school of Fushima University in Japan

Since 2018, I have determined to express my inner emotions and life stories through the creation of abstract paintings to show my independence and freer style also try to resonate with more people by the paintings that can be viewed in 360 degrees!

In 2022, won the award for the Best video presentation at the Belgrade Art Salon

"Sidereal couple"

USD 7.000 

"Flower field''

USD 10.000 


USD 7.000 

"Sidereal couple"

USD 5.000