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Blue, Red & Green Cherub

People like her Art

Opening Ceremony

Opus “Serbian-Byzantine tradition” shows us Serbian and Byzantine Emperors and Empresses, Angels, represented in symbolism characteristically for that tradition.

Stefan Decanski, Serbian King is giving whole Monastery “High Decani” to History, to us.

Irene, Byzantine Queen is giving her knowledge of protecting Art , to us.

 Katarina's Art

Katarina  Singidunum

Katarina was born in an art family. From early childhood she started to work in Art. She graduated Accademia di Belle Arti  di Brera and Faculty of Psychology on Belgrade University.

Katarina’s paintings are expressive connection of History and Present, colored with sensitive colors, which take us, for the moment, traveling through time. Her opus “Serbian-Byzantine tradition” shows us, through language of Art, from where our Culture came from. Katarina is supported from European Parliament for her work in Art and Social Welfare.

She  exhibited in Moscow, Bologna, Belgrade, Podgorica, Pljevlja and one of her painting is in town of Merced (California) in Court Building

"Irene", Byzantine Empress

20x28in (50x70cm) Oil on Canvas

"Stefan Decanski,Serbian King"

20x28in (50x70cm) Oil on canvas

On Exhibition

Two Artists


(60x65cm) Oil on canvas 

Katarina Singidunum,

Personal Jury Exhibition, February 2016, Belgrade City Gallery.

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