Koo Eunhye is an Korean artist born in Seoul, South Korea.

The winner of the prestigious City Seoul Award.

Presented for the first time to the European audience at the Belgrade Biennale 2017, she received the highest marks for her artistic work.

Her opus is wide and deep in the artistic sense and allows her to perfect at the highest level -

Look at her fantastic artwork.

"The Fantasy of time",

Code:     4560

2000 USD

"The Fantasy about the woman "

Code:     6070

2000 USD

"The Fantasy of the future"

Code:    3545

2000 USD

Koo Eunhye,

Artist Juvelir, Seoul, South Korea

"The Fantasy of youth" Code: 2418  2000 USD

"The Fantasy of youth",

Code:    2418     

2000 USD

"The Fantasy of life"

Code:  5060

2000 USD

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