"Tarde luminosa"

USD 5.500 

Luis Felipe de la Torre,

Artist Painter, Mexico

"Sonidos de Andromeda"

USD 8.000 

"Andromeda azul"

USD 10.000 


USD 10.500 

"Gato Oculto"

USD 10.000 

"Pareja sidereal"

USD 7.000 




To talk about painting of Mr. Luis Felipe de la Torre, born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1962, is an eloquent way of discovering a life process.

Heir to a family of illustrators, designers, and cartoonists, but also of strong people from the harsh and desolate Mexican countryside, he has found in these two elements, culture and nature, the support that endures his creative need.

With forty years as a painter, his work

Demonstrates the mastery of the one who has a perfect knowledge of the craft of painting.

In his work we see praises and tributes to creation, reminders so that from our human smallness, we do not fail to honor a sunrise, a cloud, or a reflection in the water.

His work is nourished by what happened in the Mexican art of the last century, by muralism, by the color of the Oaxacan school, by the abstract painting of Zacatecas and also by the sacred ritual that maintains the balance of life.

"In my studio work, when I paint large formats, the search for silence is perennial out of addiction to the instant of pleasure and fullness that is to create an emotion with light, colors and shapes."

              Luis Felipe de la Torre

Belgrade Cultural Association