Belgrade Cultural Association

Day Three:

Breakfast, visiting New Belgrade, Old town of Zemun, with galleries in Zemun, Confluence of River Sava and River Danube in old part of Belgrade -Dorcol. Lunch.

Evening entertainment in Belgrade with some galleries Ethnohgraphic Museum gallery, Fresco gallery, National Museum gallery, Movie Museum with films from 1910.

Free time.

"There are many talented artist's exhibitions at galleries in Belgrade. Also there are many attractive museums there."

Mr. Ginam Kim, South Korea about Belgrade artists.

Day Eight:

Belgrade, breakfast

Visiting museums and galleries.

There are many famous art museums and galleries in Belgrade. Anyone can contact to many talented artists easily. Not only paintings but also sculptures, photography, installed art works are displayed in Belgrade's galleries.

In any moment, the exhibition about Serbian paticular Slavic ans Byzantine culture are held..

Ethnographic Museum and Movie Museum are the representative museums from which anyone can learn about Serbian culture.


Free time and entertainment, Belgrade Night life!

Day One:

Arriving to Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla", transport to the Hotel, lunch.

Brief visiting Knez Mihajlova Street, Kalemegdan at evening, returning to Hotel.

"A gentle gentleman who does not speak well But when anyone talk to him, you can feel that he has a great philosophy and rich knowledge. The charm of Belgrade is not easily revealed. Having greater heavy weight than other cities in Europe".

Mr. Ginam Kim, South Korea about Belgrade.

Day Five:

Breakfast in the mountain restaurant: natural domestic delicates food.

Visiting Tara Canyon within Tara National Park (UNESCO heritage), second deepest canyon in the World, after Colorado Canyon in the USA, but full beautiful forest and wild animals. This is a place that must be seen, the sight is breathtaking.
The landscape on a long "Djurdjevica Tara" bridge between Canyon provides with a magnificent sight and trembling leg for visitors.
Sometimes when a fog appears on the bridge, anyone can experience a floating feelings has not experienced before.

Entering to the Durmitor Mountain, within Durmitor National park (UNESCO heritage)  and continue to the Seaside.

Visiting old, medieval towns on Adriatic Sea: Town of Perast, Town of Kotor. Lunch in Natural and Culturo - Historical region of Kotor (UNESCO heritage).

Town of Kotor is one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic (founded in168BC) and is one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Bay of Kotor is the only Freud in the Mediterranean, totally amazing place full of tradition.

Departing to Town of Budva, Adriatic Sea, visiting old city.

Arriving to hotel 4*, accommodation.

Free time

Day Seven:

Breakfast departing for Belgrade.

Visiting Moraca Monastery in Montenegro.

Morača Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery, located in the northern part of the Morača River Canyon in central Montenegro. Morača Monastery is one of the most beautiful Orthodox Medieval monuments in Montenegro, whose church is over 24 meters long and about 20 meters high.

Beside the architecture, paintings of Morača Monastery are of special importance. There is a painting preserved from the 13th century with 11 compositions from the life of the Saint prophet Elijah, who plays an important role in the Serbian Orthodox church.


Arriving to Belgrade, free time.

Day Two:

Belgrade: breakfast, visiting Saint Sava Basilica, Nikola Tesla MuseumSaborna Church,  Kalemegdan Fortress by day.

Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan is the Serbian spritual center of Belgrade located between Danube river and Sava river. Original old Belgrade city was located and people lived there in the fortress before.
Nowdays, this place plays in a role as Belgrade's citizens' rest.

Also on the Belgrade Fortress, you can also see Military Museum.


In the evening entertainment at Skadarlija, bohemian quart.

"The red color reflected on the wall of fortress is beautiful when sun set.
This image seems to be a symbol that Serb has keeping their nation for a long time"

Mr. Ginam Kim, South Korea about Belgrade - Kalemegdan.

Day Four:

Early breakfast and departing.

Lunch on Zlatibor Mountain. Artistic town in the middle of the mountain. High touristic place.

Arriving to the hotel. Visiting Mileseva monastery,13th Century.

There are many  1000 years  old monasteriesin of Serbian Orthodox Monasteries in Serbia. The Milesaeva Monastery is one of them. Passing through Serbian plat land and approaching to mountain, it appears slowly. There is a wooden building for monk and nun's ascetic practice and pray.
Beside it, the sound of stream divides the silence of monastery. The image of white angel on the wall in the main church is one of the masterpiece of Byzantine art.

Free time.

Day  Ten:

Breakfast in Belgrade.Airport departing

          *     *     *


If anyone moves along the route of 'Adriatic Dream, in the middle of route, at the Monastery, one can have a chance to retrospect oneself and can experience pure nature UNESCO was designated.
Finally, after crossing over the mountain of Montenegro, really beautiful blue Adriatic sea appears. It makes tourists excite. Have a nice trip!

Day Nine:

Breakfast, departing for City of Novi Sad, visiting Old City.

Novi Sad is located on Vojvodina region in Serbia. When you get off from station and go straight, typical European city appears. At the etrance of city, there are cathedral, city hall and many shops alluring tourists with a spacious square. In this squire, many events held.
This old city in Novi Sad was built in late 17C. And going to North, crossing the Danube river a village and a fortress appears in sight. This fortress, Petrovaradin, was constructed before old city was built.
Petrovaradin fortress and a village under it is the origin of Novi Sad city.

Lunch  on Petrovaradin Fortress.

Returning to Belgrade.

Day Six:

Breakfast in hotel.

Departing for Town of Dubrovnik, visiting old town of Dubrovnik is an amazing event in tourist's life, founded in
7th Century, until today, has kept the old spirit.

"In the middle of going to old town of Dubrovnik, many houses with red roofs and cyprus trees excite tourists The feeling of landscape of Adriatic sea and cities covered red color's roofs over the castle provides a magnificent sight for them.."

Mr. Ginam Kim, South Korea about  Dubrovnik.


Departing to hotel

Free time



The road toward Adriatic sea!  It is one of the World’s beautiful seas, having  sapphire blue light and brilliant sunshine. There are many attractive palm trees along the beaches and many beautiful medieval villages that were built by red roof and ivory brick .