Belgrade Cultural Association


"In front of the Belgrade Cultural Association I wish you success in your Art."

Milinko Jelovac, Chairman of the Board

Artist of the Year 2022:

* Jakka Jang, South Korea;

Auction at the A Gallery, Athens, Greece

Belgrade Art Salon


Athens Auction

Belgrade, Serbia & Athens, Greece

June 5th-16th, 2022

TV opening at the "Vlada Divljan" Gallery

Certificate at Academy 28 gallery

Auction at the A Gallery, Athens, Greece

Follow the road map of the Belgrade Art Salon & Athens Auction

*        June 2nd, 3rd & 4th:

Arrival of artists at theBelgradeAirport “Nicola Tesla”, Serbia;

*       June 5th:

Posting the artworks;

*        June 6th:

TV opening & press conference of Belgrade Art Salon 2022 at the "Vlada Divljan Gallery";

*        June 7th:

Grand opening of Belgrade Art Salon 2022 at the "King Peter's Gallery";

*       June 8th:

Third opening in the "Akademija 28" gallery at 6PM;

*        June 9th:

Free day;

*        June 10th:

Travel to Athens. Accommodation at Leptokarya;

*        June 11th:

ATHENS AUCTION at the "A Gallery";

*        June 12th:

Travel back to Belgrade;

*         June 13th

Reception by the officials of the City of Belgrade;

*          June 14th:

Tourist bus trough Belgrade a gift from the City of Belgrade. Interview for the "Pink TV";

*       June 15th, 2022
Additional Diplomatic opening of the Belgrade Art Salon at the Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia at 6pm.

*        June 16th:

"Politika" Daily

Awards at the Gallery 28

*  Belgrade Cultural Association nominate Artists for prestigious awards:



*   BEST ARTWORK by the choice of the Belgrade audience: Mr. JONATHAN SHIH, China;

Welcome to Belgrade

Belgrade Art Salon is traditional international exhibition which Belgrade Cultural Association organizes every steam year. This year, a special event: very successful Athens Auction at the "A Gallery"!!!

Belgrade Art Salon is a major cultural event in Belgrade, the Capital City of Serbia, covered by TV, Press and always with the big influence on Cultural exchange between artists from all around the World. Artists from Europe, North America, Asia & South America were present at the Belgrade Art Salon & Athens Auction 2022 in the "A Gallery".

On the Belgrade Art Salon all artists got Certificate "Artist of the honor" for 2022.

Also, on this Art Salon was organized public competition for Artist of the Year 2022!

Artist of the Year 2022 become Mr. Jakka Jang, South Korea:

Auction at the A Gallery, Athens, Greece

Grand opening at the King Peter's Gallery

Official reception in the City of Belgrade