Belgrade Cultural Association

Tatyana Romanova Nastina, Russia

Newspaper "Politika" from October 28th, 2015

Opening of the Exhibition

Belgrade Autumn Exhibition

Belgrade Autumn Exhibition held between October 26th and November 2nd, 2015 in Belgrade City Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting of artists from West and East held in atmosphere of exchanges of experiance and in knowlendge that this World is uniqe and that culture is indivisible. Our guests were:

- Jesus Garcia Munoz from Spain with his watercolor magnificent paintings, and

- Tatyana Romanova Nastina from Russia with her beautiful music on classic guitar;

Also on this exhibition we represented artists from Serbia:

- Katarina Sekularac with her paintings inspired by Byzantine Empire ;

- Marija Lukic Poljanski, paintings & piano;

- Dobrivoje Lazarevic with his paintings inspired by landscape of Serbia & Montenegro.

Article about the Exhibition is published by

the oldest and most influental newspaper

in Serbia "Politika"

on page about cultural events in Serbia. 

After Exhibition Mr. Jesus Garcia Munoz

signed Artist - Agent contract with

Mr. Milinko Jelovac.

Let's see now some of photographs

from the Exhibition. 

Artist - Agent contract