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Representative of the City of Belgrade

Gary Jason, USA

Ambassador of Argentina

(Newspaper "Diario", Votuporanga, Brazil)

Attendees were addressed by His Excellency the Ambassador of Argentina, by representatives of City of Belgrade and Belgrade Cultural Association.

Thereafter, all the artist were presented to the audience.

TV interviews:

"The paint I do, I usually do in the theatrical point of view, things comes to me instinctively." Gary Jason, USA.

"Biennale bring together artists from several Continents. They wanted to come here and present their work, how they see the World. Their works are different themes, colors and styles. I have the honor to represent Serbia." Katarina Sekularac, Serbia.

"Belgrade City Gallery is now a place of the international exhibition. Artists came to meet us with their Art and to get to know better Belgrade and Serbia." A representative of the City of Belgrade.

Artists from four Continents

(Newspaper "Politika", Belgrade, Serbia)

More than 40 different motives and technioques reflect Belgrade Biennale 2015, held from June 8th - June 15th in Belgrade City Gallery in organization of Belgrade Cultural Association.

Artist exhibitors came from 4 continents and 7 different countries:

-Gary Jason (USA) 



-Fabio Bocchi (Brazil)

-Phillip Martin (South Africa)

-Katarina Sekularac (Serbia)

-Dob Frncise (USA)

-Rojer Hall (Spain)

-Alejandro Nasrala (Argentina)

Belgrade Biennale 2015