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Opening night July 31st, 2018

More than 30 different motives reflect Katarina's Art. Exhibition held from July 31st - August 28th,  2018 in Belgrade City Gallery in organization of Belgrade Cultural Association.

The audience was waiting for quite a long time to see Katarina's Personal exhibition and it was worth to wait. The overall assessment of the audience and the media was that this was the best exhibition in 2018. Exhibited Artworks:

-The Crown, oil on canvas, 2015



-Cosmos, oil on canvas, 2016

-Russia trough time, oil on canvas, 2017

-Saint Gabriel, oil on canvas, 2017

-Sleeping Angels, oil on canvas, 2017

-Resurrection of Lazarus, oil on canvas, 2017

-The masks, oil on canvas, 2017

- Mystery of missing Caryatid, oil on canvas 2018

Katarina about her paintings

Katarina Singidunum

- Personal Exhibition 2018

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See Katarina Singidunum Personal Exhibition from 2016, here:

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Katarina Singidunum

Katarina Singidunum was born in an Art family. From early childhood she started to work in Art. She graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano and Faculty of Psychology on Belgrade University.

Katarina’s paintings are represent of the artistic direction expressive surrealism. Connection of History and Present, colored with sensitive colors, takes us, for the moment, traveling through time. Her opus “Serbian-Byzantine tradition” shows us, through language of Art, from where our Culture came from. Katarina is supported for her work in Art and Social Welfare by European Parliament.

She  exhibited in Moscow, Bologna, Belgrade, Podgorica, Pljevlja. One of her painting is in town of Merced (California) in Court Building & one is in Govermant of Republic of Crimea.