*        December 9th, 2021

At the National Museum Gallery in Pozarevac audience met artist & artworks from:

* Ireland;

* Serbia;

* India;

* Mexico;

* Cuba;

* South Korea;

* Algeria;

* Greece;

Welcome Board

Reportage - Television "Sat" & "Hit" Radio, Požarevac, Serbia

An exhibition of retrospectives of artworks from the Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale was opened in the gallery of the National Museum in Požarevac. The exhibition was organized by the Belgrade Cultural Association. The exhibition presents artworks from Serbia, Cuba, Mexico, South Korea, Ireland, Nepal and Algeria. Mr. Milinko Jelovac, Chairman of the Board of the Belgrade Cultural Association, for the last eight years organizes Biennials with the aim of popularizing culture, presenting Serbian culture abroad and presenting the artwork of top artists from abroad in Serbia.

* "The Biennial was organized in June this year in three prestigious galleries in Belgrade, Serbia and Podgorica, Montenegro. Artists from fourteen countries participated." Milinko Jelovac said.

* "I am delighted with Serbia, a magical country. I came to present my works of art, which speak for themselves." said Lednier Ibanez Mendoza, a painter from Cuba.

* "The motives of the works of art and the information that those works send to the visitors are so different and powerful that it was a sufficient reason to visit the Biennial." said Katarina Singidunum, artist from Serbia.

Cuba & Serbia on the exhibition

Due to the great success of the Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale, the largest exhibition in Southeast Europe, the Belgrade Cultural Association decided to hold a retrospective of this exhibition in several cities in Serbia. The first retrospective is in the City of Požarevac. Some of the exhibitors from the Belgrade-Adriatic Biennale will be present at each of the retrospective exhibitions.

Belgrade Cultural Association


United in art

Artists & guests


Grand opening

Retrospective of the



National Museum

of the City of Pozarevac, Serbia

December 9th-22nd, 2021