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Crimea Conferences 2019

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“The dr. Katarina Sekularac, member of the Cultural Association of Belgrade, represents me on the preliminary phase about the setting of the fifth national italian iconographers Meeting..."

Don Gianluca Busi,

Priest in Parrocchia dei Santi Carlo e Giuseppe di Marzabotto Chiesa Cattolica di Bologna - Italia

What's new in art today? Where to go to see cultural heritage of the World? How to show your Art, trough exhibitions? What is Artist's Cup?

Conference "1700 Years of Milan's Edict" held in Belgrade. Special guest were Byzantologists from Argentina, Peru & France.

Debora Serracchiani, Member of the European Parliament came for an official visit to the City of Belgrade in our organization.

Belgrade Biennale

2015 - 2021

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“I came for an official visit to to the City of Belgrade. For this project I was concact with Mrs Sekularac Katarina who kindly organizes everything for me. I was impressed on how the City of Belgrade is well organized..."


Debora Serracchiani,

Member of European Parliament

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